'Violent Femmes' by Violent Femmes on Slash, 1983
‘Violent Femmes’ by Violent Femmes on Slash, 1983



Violent Femmes is the debut album by Violent Femmes. Mostly recorded in July 1982, the album was released by Slash Records on vinyl and on cassette in April 1983, and on CD in 1987 with two extra tracks “Ugly” and “Gimme the Car”.

In 2002, Rhino Records remastered the album, filled out the disc’s length with demos, and added another disc of live tracks and a radio interview for a 20th anniversary special edition, with liner notes by Michael Azerrad.

Violent Femmes is the band’s most successful album to date and went platinum eight years after its release. The album achieved a unique feat by going gold, four years after its release, without having yet made an appearance on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart.
Slant Magazine listed the album at #21 on its list of “Best Albums of the 1980s”

Blister In The Sun 2:25
Kiss Off 2:57
Please Do Not Go 4:16
Add It Up 4:44
Confessions 5:33
Prove My Love 2:39
Promise 2:50
To The Kill 4:01
Gone Daddy Gone 3:07
Good Feeling 3:53
Ugly [1983 Rough Trade UK Single] 2:20
Gimme The Car  [1983 Rough Trade UK Single] 5:05


Is there a more brilliantly icky – let alone unlikely hit-making – leadoff track in history than “Blister In The Sun”? A trio of Milwaukee nerds using little more than guitar, standup bass, and a snare drum, the Femmes did big-box string-band busker-pop years before Marcus Mumford was a rumble in his parents’ pants. And they did it with a wickedly tragic sense of humor. When Gordon Gano whines “Why can’t I get just one fuck?!” on “Add It Up,” you hear the voice of every pimply, frustrated teenage dude since time began. Unsurprisingly, it (eventually) went platinum. Rolling Stone

Violent Femmes
Victor DeLorenzo – snare drum, tranceaphone, drum set, Scotch marching bass drum, vocals
Gordon Gano – guitar, violin, lead vocals
Brian Ritchie – acoustic bass guitar, xylophone, electric bass guitar, vocals
Additional personnel
Mark Van Hecke – production; piano on “Good Feeling”
Luke W. Midkiff – percussion on “Kiss Off”




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