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It’s all about the music. In records, singles, cassettes, eight-tracks, videos.

I’ve been listening to music for over 35 years so I decided to put some of it together on this webpage. It came in all shapes and manners, records, eight-tracks, cassettes, the radio stations where I was living, the records stores, large, small and unknown I would frequent.

On the Soul Blues Page we’ll be listening to late 1960s and early 1970s style of music that combines elements of blues & soul music.

On the Concept Album Page we’ll travel the highways and byways of Rock to find those strange rare gems that change all you have heard before or after. Buckle Up your seatbelts for the magic carpet ride.

On the Punk Rock Page we’ll be getting angry and cranking it loud all over the world as we listen to many different Punk Rock influences.

On the Country Music Page we’ll be getting Old School with original old country tracks and albums.

The 45 RPM Singles Page will look at commercially or promotionally released singles and their context.

On the Songs Page I’ll look at songs I love and which sometimes sent me down the yellow brick road to discover an musician or a band.

On the Albums Page I’ll be posting full records with a playlist and article about the artist and album.

On the Performers Page I’ll be looking at the performing aspect of the musicians and bands and listening to the live aspect of the music as it’s performed.

On the Habits & Vices Page we’ll listen to the Jukebox’s naughty temptations: drugs, bottles, addictions and dependence.

Questions, comments or suggestions send me a message on the Contact Page.

Along with some friends, we’ll be listening to where the muse takes us. Have a fun ride.